Take a look at our infographic for a quick summary about the Report Card, or continue reading for more detail.

What is the Report Card?

The Report Card provides an assessment of children and young people's physical activity levels in England. Firstly, we conduct a thorough data search of available evidence on physical activity participation among children in England. Secondly, we convene to award grades to different indicators of physical activity. Using the data and grades, we then produce the Report Card which presents the overall 'state of the nation'.

 Indicators of Physical Activity

Nine indicators of physical activity are evaluated, including five physical activity behaviours and four levels of influence:


Overall Physical Activity Levels

Organised Sport Participation
Active Play
Active Transport
Sedentary Behaviour

Family and Peer Influence

School Influence
Community and the Built Environment
Government Strategies and Investment


The grade boundaries

The available evidence is assessed according to specific benchmarks. Grades are awarded based on the proportion of children achieving such criteria (e.g. % of children meeting physical activity guidelines), using the following boundaries:



A = 81%-100%         B = 61%-80%          C = 41%-60%          D = 21%-40%          F = 0%-20%


An incomplete (INC) grade can be assigned if there are insufficient data available to inform a grade. 

Who can use the Report Card?


To help shape the next funding cycle

Government and policy makers

To inform policy development and investment strategies


To share with students and to inform their own research grants and initiatives

Local authorities and regional organisations 

To inform planning, research, and capacity building among the communities they serve

The following groups of people can also use it to help develop their programmes and communications for children and youth, parents and community members:


Public health practitioners, teachers, coaches, recreation professionals, community development leaders

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